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Temporary Power Design

Not sure what equipment is right for your upcoming project? Our in-house team of experienced tradespeople can advise on what equipment will meet your needs and customize solutions for any application.

Industries We Serve

We work within all of Alberta’s industries to provide reliable temporary power design. We are available to advise on what equipment is right for your project, no matter its size. 


Within the farming industry equipment is often automated, making it important to have a backup power solution in place. We supply reliable temporary power solutions for dairy farmers, the poultry industry, greenhouses and much more.  

Oil & Gas

Our experience working in Alberta’s Oil and Gas operations means that can provide a complete range of power generation equipment to assure optimum performance and profitability of their projects.


Our experience paired with our high-quality inventory of industry-leading equipment ensures we provide your mining business with the power it needs, no matter how challenging the energy or environmental conditions.


Forestry demands relying on a wide variety of tools and equipment in extremely remote and difficult conditions. No matter the application or location, our temporary power solutions can support your project in running smoothly until completion.


Providing power to a construction site can be complex. But no matter the size of your project, we have a high-quality selection of equipment to work in any application.

Disaster Relief

If you’ve lost electricity due to a natural disaster, an incident or any other cause, we have the resources and 24/7 support you can depend on to quickly get the power back on.

On-Call temporary power support - Alberta Mobile Power Systems

On-call Temporary Power Support

Our team is always available to assist with technical support and consult on project-specific requirements to ensure our customers have the right equipment for the job. We deliver quality equipment as well as offer onsite repair and maintenance. Rest assured we are available always on-call to assist with any issues that may occur.