4500 L Split Fuel Tank Rental



4500 L Split Fuel Tank Rental

The 4500 L Split Fuel Tank Rental has a 70/30 spill tank and durable all-steel construction. It is marked for your convenience and is ideal for site vehicle fuel supply or equipment requiring unmarked fuel. It includes 110% containment with an inspection port.

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Spec Sheet
Length Diameter Weight
11' 10" 4' 2" 2000 LB
3.61 M 1.27 M 907 KG

4500 L Fuel Tank Package


  • Sturdy steel skid


  • Durable all steel construction in a horizontal design
  • Heavy guage tank shell
  • 100% secondary integral containment with inspection port
  • 4500 L 70/30 split double walled fuel tank
  • 3150 L clear diesel storage
  • 1350 L clear gasoline storage
  • 120 V power 15A receptacle power each pump

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